What participants like about our Negotiation Training

"I liked the format the instructor taught the class, the exercises and class interaction with as many people as possible, the sections on negotiation styles, tactics, and the overall process in negotiating agreements."

"Practical application through simulations, interaction with other people in class, not a wasted moment."

"Great content, well presented, and adjusted pace to meet needs."

"The actual role playing for practice of concepts and seeing / feeling the other side. This could have more of a positive impact on my career than any other technical/field class I have ever taken."

"The instructor - amazing ability to make us comfortable and interested - incredible knowledge of the subject matter."

"Jim Nelson's organization of the course material and high energy presentation. The two guest speakers were very helpful in sharing over 60 years of experiences."

"Safe environment, trust was quickly built and maintained. Attitude of generosity and inclusivity. High level of integrity in course. Concrete and abstract balance."

"Open environment for discussion; addressed many aspects; visuals exercises kept class interesting; good pace; excellent instruction; THANK you for no PowerPoint."

"Combination of lecture, class participation, and exercise helped reinforce concepts and add an element of confidence to attendees."

"The instructor and materials were excellent! The interaction was so appropriate and helpful. Not boring, very educational and the group dynamics and participants were awesome!!"

"Mixture of theory, practice and personal experience."

"Hands down - instructor practical exercises with relevant content, fantastic guest speakers (were also phenomenal). Opportunity to work with variety of other resource managers is invaluable and all of the participants enriched this experience. Simply incredible!"

"I loved that all the class participants came from different backgrounds yet we all came together and were open to the learning process."

"Everything - all senses were used."

"Real-world exercises."

What participants are saying about our Facilitation Services

"Excellent facilitation! Jim does a great job of seeing - the big picture."

"I think the day went well and Jim kept the day on track and moving forward. I was surprised at how fast the time went."

"I think the day went well and Jim kept the day on track and moving forward."

"Wonderful meeting that has inspired me to move forward."

"Excellent meeting. Enjoyed the small focus groups. Produced an end result."

"Very worthwhile day."

"Excellent meeting - Jim did a great job."

What participants are saying about our Facilitation Training

"I wanted to follow up with you and say thanks for a very useful class. Both in terms of tools and in terms of helping me think about how to approach people and issues. It's also kind of creeping up on me a bit - things I thought about during the class sort of pop up now and again when I'm engaging people on certain issues."

"Really excellent! One of the best trainings I've ever done - Really!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent training. I am so glad I did not cancel on the training. I learned a lot about myself during the three days. Thanks a bunch!" (PC)

"Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity! I got a lot out of last week"

"I just wanted to personally thank you and to let you know that the course greatly exceeded my expectations. I think I will find a bunch of it useful as I continue my work here."

"Excellent class - thanks to all! I think it would be great to get together once a year.")

"Well done. Your job seems rewarding."

"Great Training! Thank you!."

"Something I liked about the class was "exposure to such a wide range of possibility with good tangible tools, approaches, examples, activities, the 'modeling' or how to handle facilitation, participation, etc."

"Something I liked about the class was;the pace; the amount of content; Jim's style, knowledge, demeanor, intuition, compassion, choices; real world examples; active exercises."

"Something I liked about the class was - Role-playing exercises. Specific examples of techniques/strategies."

"Thank you so much for your time and energy. You had so many personalities to negotiate and you did it with such grace and respect."